Frequently Asked Questions


3Beaches is an Australian textile company. ABN, 83 6088 435 72.

We are an alliance of interior and textile designers who produce a luxurious  range of Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic fabrics. All of our Australian designs come with a 5 year Sunbrella warranty. We are proud to collaborate with Sunbrella as their brand is synonymous with quality and they are the international market leader in manufacturing outdoor fabrics.

Why buy 3Beaches' fabric?

Our gorgeous Australian designs coupled with the softness and quality of our fabrics give 3Beaches’ textiles an interesting edge over other performance fabrics on the market. Our water and UV resistant woven fabrics look amazing as upholstery and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in both residential and commercial applications. As our fabrics are woven, several of our designs work well in reverse too.

What is the composition of 3Beaches' fabric?

Our fabrics are woven from 100% Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic fibres. This means the fabric is extremely durable and innately resistant to fading.

The benefit of solution-dyed acrylic is that it is strong and UV resistant while still retaining the softness of a regular fabric. However, it is important to note that solution-dyed acrylic is water resistant but not waterproof.

Do 3Beaches retail to the public?

No. We sell to wholesale and trade customers only. If you are a retail client, please see our distributor’s page.

Do 3Beaches' provide sample cuttings?

We love sharing our fabrics with people and can offer some initial complimentary samples to customers, after which, we charge $4 (ex GST)  per A5 sample.

What is the minimum order?

When purchasing fabric stocked in Australia by 3Beaches, the minimum order is 1 metre per design/colour. For fabric not in stock, we can provide you with a lead time for your consideration. We also sell our fabric in 40 and 60 yard rolls. Note that our fabric is 137cm wide.

What is the width of 3Beaches' fabric?

Our 3Beaches’ fabrics are 137cm wide.

Does 3Beaches charge cutting fees?

Our prices are inclusive of cutting fees. There are no additional charges for cutting your order.

Can I buy a 3Beaches’ Look Book?

Yes, but numbers are limited. We don’t charge for the fabric in the Look Book, just the costs of binding the book. Head to our products page for more information and to view availability. If there are no Look Books in stock it could take up to 12 weeks for delivery from the date of payment of the order. However, depending on other incoming shipments, it could be sooner.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order through our website www.3beaches.com.au where you can login in as a wholesale/trade client. Alternatively, you can place orders by emailing purchase orders to hello@3beaches.com.au.  We trade in Australian AUD Dollars.

Where does 3Beaches ship to?

We ship worldwide to wholesale and trade clients. We also have a select number of companies that distribute our fabric. Please contact hello@3beaches.com.au or visit our distributor’s page for distributor details.

If you are purchasing fabric directly from 3Beaches that is in stock in Australia, it can be shipped anywhere in the world within 12 business days. Fabric that is not in stock could take up to 12 weeks for delivery from the date of payment of the order. However, depending on other incoming shipments, it could be sooner. We can provide you with more specific lead times, depending on the particulars of your order. We can also arrange for 40 or 60 yard rolls to be shipped directly from the United States of America to you.

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay online via our website or alternatively by direct deposit into our bank account. All orders require full payment upfront.

Our bank account details are:

Account Name: 3Beaches Textiles Pty Ltd
BSB: 034 216
Account Number: 619764

How do I care for my 3Beaches' fabric?

You can wash your 3Beaches’ solution-dyed acrylic fabric on a gentle cycle in cold water with a small amount of natural soap (harsh detergents can interfere with the acrylic properties of the fabric). Line dry using wads under the pegs. Do not use a dryer or hot iron for any of 3Beaches fabrics as extreme heat may cause shrinkage. Constant pool chlorine or salt act as bleach.

How do I sew with 3Beaches fabrics?

Use acrylic, polyester or marine cotton thread, plastic zips and outdoor foam and cushion inserts. Standard cotton breaks down outdoors, metal zips can rust, indoor foam/cushions can get mouldy.

Can 3Beaches fabrics be used in commercial spaces?

Yes. Please see our fabric rub rate and care instructions for further details.

Can 3Beaches' fabrics be used on boats?

Our fabrics are suitable for use as upholstery on boats as they are water and UV resistant. Sunbrella also have a range of marine fabrics that are water proof. Marine fabrics are solution-dyed acrylics with a backing that makes them fully waterproof. They can be hosed down or cleaned with a gentle detergent (do not abrade the surface of the fabric). Contact hello@3beaches.com.au for more information about marine fabric.

Can 3Beaches' fabrics be used as awnings?

3Beaches’ fabric can be used as an awning that is under shelter. Sunbrella also have a range of awning fabrics. Contact hello@3beaches.com.au for more information about Sunbrella awning fabric.

What is covered under the limited warranty?

The Sunbrella limited 5 year warranty is on 3Beaches’ fabric only. The warranty relates to the UV and water resistancy of the fabric. The warranty does not extend to upholstery materials and services. The warranty extends to the original purchaser only. If you have a warranty concern, please contact hello@3beaches.com.au for assistance.

What is 3Beaches returns policy?

If 3Beaches make a mistake, we will work with you to find an amicable solution at our cost.

Please choose carefully, once fabrics are cut to order it is difficult to resell. It is important to purchase or view a sample cutting as colours can vary.

From time to time we hold some stock of pre-made umbrellas and cushions however most of the time, these products are made to order.

We do not refund for change of mind. Please see the Department of Fair Trading website for more information about your rights.

Does 3Beaches distribute Sunbrella fabric?

Yes we do. We have access to the full standard Sunbrella range. Please contact hello@3beaches.com.au for more information.

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